Sunday, December 13, 2015

Review Fender Presents: Getting, Great tool whether you're taking lessons or self-learning

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric Guitar -- A Guide for Beginners, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

I bought this after 4 months of lessons and is one of the best investments I made. except the great features that others have written, I'll mention 2 that are most frequently used for me. 1. I have bought other books and books/CD combination but the big one fault with those, even good ones, is that they don't show you how to properly execute the techniques. things like roll finger, bends, palm muting can be learned only by getting someone to show how

Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric

Getting Started on Electric Guitar offers a complete course for the beginning electric guitarist. Step-by-step lessons incorporating clear, easy-to-follow 3-D graphics and unique play-along tracks teach the viewer the essential chords, scales and techniques used by electric guitar players in every popular style, including rock, blues and country. This DVD is separated into two .... Read more or Check Price


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